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Timex Q Timex Limited Edition Watch

The Q Timex was one of the first affordable mainstream quartz watches upon its release in 1979, designed to combine accuracy and ability in a single functional package. That's one reason why a day-date display has remained a signature of the watch over the decades. On the Q Timex fashiontourbillon.com Limited Edition, we wanted to see how the watch would look without the additional calendar complication. The result is a more symmetrical dial layout without a "phantom" date position in the crown.

The Q-topped Timex branding at 12 o'clock remains the same as always – a proud indication of the quartz caliber inside – and we've paired it with a small black fashiontourbillon.com signature at six o'clock, balancing the dial even further. Underneath the fashiontourbillon.com stamp is the water-resistance rating – meters first – that indicates the Q Timex can be worn all day, every day, regardless of what you're doing or where you're going.

We've also removed the bicolor anodized coating on the steel 12-hour bezel, leaving the cool tone of bare metal behind; this is one of the first contemporary Q Timex watches to feature a steel, rather than aluminum, bezel. A concentric brushed surface finish has been applied to the bidirectional bezel, while the carved numerals and dashes are each colored in black. You can use the 12-hour bezel to track a second time-zone, or even to measure elapsed time.

The Q Timex fashiontourbillon.com Limited Edition is priced at $189. It comes with a two-year warranty (one from Timex; one from the fashiontourbillon.com Shop). It is not a numbered edition, but quantities are limited.

Timex has a lengthy history of bringing precision timekeeping to the masses, while always evolving its products to meet consumer demand. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, it was an advocate of American industrialism through its Yankee pocket watch that retailed for a single dollar. A few decades later, in 1950, Timex wristwatches were outfitted with the V-Conic movement, a hard-wearing, mass-produced caliber that helped the company reach more wrists than ever before. By the time the Quartz Revolution came about in the 1970s, it's no surprise that Timex immediately embraced the cutting-edge technology, releasing its first quartz watch in 1972 and following it with the Q Timex a few years later.

Quartz offered a world of watch wearers something that was more practical and precise than your conventional mechanical wristwatch, and it was quickly becoming more accessible, too. So when the affordable Q Timex was released in 1979, it exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most in-demand and recognizable watches anywhere. Timex was already world-famous for its everyman approach to watchmaking, so the mainstream introduction of the Q Timex signaled to many that quartz was here to stay.

In May 2019, Timex re-issued its iconic quartz watch to immediate success. Straight away, we couldn't wait to work with them and create our own version. Over a year of collaboration between Timex and the fashiontourbillon.com Shop has resulted in the Q Timex fashiontourbillon.com Limited Edition.

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