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MB&F LM101 Limited Edition

I really believe in what independent brands like Max Büsser and Friends (MB&F) are doing, and even more so, what they mean to the industry. Independent watchmaking is practically an entirely different world from those large group-owned brands, and I have long admired what many of them have been able to do, really, against all odds. And that is why today, I am proud to announce that we have partnered with MB&F to create a very special watch, just the way we think you, fashiontourbillon.com readers, would like it – 40 mm, with an insanely fine finished in-house movement, limited to 10 pieces, with three straps designed by us. Oh, and for the first time in MB&F's history, this LM101 will be cased in, you guessed it, stainless steel.
The Legacy Machine 101 was introduced in May of 2014 to critical and consumer acclaim. It was not only MB&F's least expensive timepiece to date, but also its smallest and most wearable. But what is more important than any of that is that the LM101's caliber was indeed the very first to be designed completely in-house by MB&F, instead of by one of Max's numerous "friends," making a very important milestone for one of today's most fascinating and innovative brands. What is retained, however, is the absolutely insane quality and level of finishing on the case, dial, strap, clasp, movement, and even the box. The caliber's finishing was devised by no less than a Mr. Kari Voutilainen, and the same remains true for the fashiontourbillon.com limited edition 101.
The LM101's dial features the very essence of a timepiece: the time and power reserve indicated on beautiful white lacquer dials, while the incredible 14 mm oversized regulating organ – the balance wheel – floats high above. The LM101 Limited Edition For fashiontourbillon.com features a rich metallic brown dial, never before seen on an MB&F, and is offset perfectly by both the lacquer dials and amazing polished arch that holds the balance wheel.
The Legacy Machine 101 was always my favorite of MB&F's creations because, frankly, it is the one that I could picture myself wearing. I could see myself wearing it dressed up with a jacket and tie at a brand presentation, sliding nicely under my jacket cuff, just as easily as I could see it with a hoodie and Barbour jacket walking around with my friends on the weekend. But still, all LM's were gold, and to me, the ultimate luxury is not having to worry about the scratches that come with the softness of gold, while still wearing one of the finest hand-made watches in the world.
Thus, the LM101 for fashiontourbillon.com in stainless steel was born out of a personal request by me to Mr. Max Büsser over one year ago. To see it now hit the real world is beyond thrilling for me, and I sincerely hope you like what we've come up with.
We wanted to take the idea of great wearability even one step further with our LM101 by offering it with three completely different straps. As you've likely guessed, we're a little nutty about straps here at fashiontourbillon.com, and we figured anyone that would like an MB&F in stainless steel might also like the option to choose its strap based on mood, occasion, or outfit.
Each watch will come with all three options, all of which were designed and produced exclusively for the fashiontourbillon.com Legacy Machine with optimal dimensions and quality. Each strap was made completely by hand and on-demand for us. All three straps options make for a totally unique look, and change the personality of the LM101 in steel completely. Why are we offering the LM101 fashiontourbillon.com with three totally different straps? Because that's how we think all watches should come.
One of the tenets of MB&F that I respect that most is an unwavering regard for quality. Say what you want about some of Max's crazier designs, but no matter how outlandish, the build quality and finishing is absolutely top-notch, every single time. With the LM101, MB&F's first in-house-conceived movement, you'll see world-class finishing like massive deep bevels, wide Geneva stripes, and gorgeous countersunk screws. All engravings are completely done by hand.
The finishing on the LM101 is truly some of the best hand-craft in the world, and that should come as no surprise because the aesthetic flourishes were designed by one of the greatest watchmakers alive, Kari Voutilainen. This 229 component caliber features a power reserve of 45 hours, with a bespoke 14 mm balance wheel with four traditional regulating screws. All of this is viewable through some of the most impressive (and expensive) sapphire crystal the watch industry has ever seen. The MB&F LM101 proves that traditional watchmaking can exist today, with a twist.
When we working on the idea of the LM101 for fashiontourbillon.com we knew we wanted to hit a few notes: make it wearable – we did so by making it in stainless steel; make it versatile – we did so by giving it a rich brown dial and three different strap options; and we knew we wanted to make it special. This we are accomplishing by commissioning just 10 pieces for the entire world. This is by far the most limited edition MB&F Legacy Machine to date, making it something that we really feel will be collectible and desirable in the long-term.
And about pricing? Currently, the LM101 in white or rose gold sits at $65,000. The LM101 in steel will be $52,000, a price that we feel really great about considering that you're getting an incredibly limited watch that happens to be the first in-house piece from MB&F, with an insanely finished movement designed by no less than Kari Voutilainen, and three hand-made straps designed specifically for the LM101 in steel. Oh, we're also going to throw in free shipping, insured anywhere in the world.

Lastly, a portion of each purchase of the 10 LM101's will go directly to the Horological Society of New York, America's oldest watchmaking guild, a 501(c)(3) non-profit seeking to educate an entirely new generation of watchmakers.

The LM101 for fashiontourbillon.com won't last long, and is available exclusively at the fashiontourbillon.com shop. If you want it, buy it here.

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