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Ressence Type 1H Limited Edition

With a skeletonized German silver dial in a brushed stainless steel case, this watch offers a totally new take on Ressence’s unique time display. This is the Type 1H for fashiontourbillon.com, and we've made just 20 pieces.
If you're familiar with Ressence, certain aspects of the Type 1H may look familiar to you. For anyone new to the brand, instead of displaying time using static scales (like most wristwatches you see), Ressence watches use a unique orbital display that utilizes a planetary gear train called the ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System). Designed and developed in-house, the system is composed of nested discs and rings that move in concert, creating a different dial with every passing moment. We decided to take the innovative Ressence display a step further, sandblasting and skeletonizing the convex German silver dial discs to reveal the mechanics within the watch. The edges of the discs have been sharply beveled, adding a touch of shine to outline the openings. The markings and "hands" are milled and filled with a dark grey SuperLuminova that glows bright green in the dark. Trust us, it's a sight to behold.

The stunning effect of watching the mechanics manipulate the display isn't the only special aspect of this timepiece. This is the first time that the Type 1 has been offered in stainless steel, and the case shape itself has been rethought too. It is now 41.5mm in diameter and 12mm thick, so it balances nicely on the wrist while still having great presence. The wire lugs of the Type 1 have been replaced with arched lugs that have the tiniest bevel at the edge, adding some additional dynamism to the case.

You'll notice there is no crown at all on the Type 1H, but you simply turn the caseback to set and wind the watch (though it is self-winding). You'll be surprised at how quickly you become used to reading the unusual display too – it's much more intuitive than you might expect. The Type 1H combines a futuristic display with classic old-school finishing and attention to detail, making this watch incredibly wearable.
The Type 1H is all about the details – from the brushed finish on the 41.5mm x 12mm stainless-steel case to the sandblasted, skeletonized German silver dial discs, this watch looks and feels great on the wrist. Each caseback is individually numbered "XX/20" just below the Ressence and fashiontourbillon.com engravings, while the rimmed edge makes it easy to turn the caseback to wind and set the watch. The lack of bezel and crown combined with the depth of the dial gives the watch amazing presence on the wrist; the domed sapphire crystal seamlessly blends with the case, seeming to almost disappear where the two meet. The Type 1H comes with a trio of straps: a fashiontourbillon.com cognac shell cordovan, a Ressence grey calfskin, and a black nylon with Velcro. It also comes with a specially made 3D-printed box with the fashiontourbillon.com "H" logo on top.

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