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D. Candaux DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by Candaux & Saturno

To support the 9th Edition of the Only Watch charity auction, Vallée de Joux based watch maker David Candaux created a unique timepiece in close collaboration with artist Mikki SATURNO. Mikki SATURNO designed a DC7 GENESIS dial based on his current work on GENESIS. He fully painted the box by hand. This is the first time that someone designed a dial for a David CANDAUX watch.D. Candaux DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by Candaux & Saturno DC7 GENESIS TITANIUM
Mikki SATURNO is an artist specialized in contemporary painting. David CANDAUX is a master watchmaker whose specialty is creating exceptional contemporary handcrafted timepieces. The two artists worked closely together to create a masterpiece of perfection for this special timepiece for Only Watch. Both artists gave their heart and soul to create this beautiful masterpiece using all their experience and high-end techniques.
The watch and movement are made of titanium, 52g weight. The dial is designed and painted by Mikki SATURNO. This timepiece incorporates bi-planar flying 30 ° tourbillon, central hour and minute display, and second indication at tourbillon. The Titanium case is fitted with the Magic Crown at 6 o’clock. The one-of-a-kind DC7 GENESIS watch will be accompanied by a box and a case painted by hand by the artist Mikki SATURNO.
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