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Swatch Sistem51 Blue Edition

The pleasure of owning a great-looking watch is one that everyone should have a chance to experience. Fortunately, thanks to affordable pricing, most anyone can have a Swatch of their own. We couldn’t be happier to announce our second Swatch collaboration, the Sistem51 Blue Edition for fashiontourbillon.com.
fashiontourbillon.com’s in-house design team worked with Swatch to make a timepiece that would serve as a fitting follow up to the runaway success that was the Sistem51 fashiontourbillon.com Vintage 84 last year. We think we’ve come up with a great-looking, fun, and affordable watch that is destined to be another fan favorite.

From the beginning of the project, we knew that we wanted to make a colorful watch that would serve as a nod to Swatch's brightly colored and fun timepieces from the '80s and '90s while still employing a pure design and little vintage twists. With the Swatch Sistem51 Blue Edition for fashiontourbillon.com, we arrived at the best of both worlds.

The Swatch Sistem51 Blue Edition for fashiontourbillon.com has a blue case, blue silicone strap, and grey-blue dial that make an immediate statement. But as you look more closely at the dial, you’ll see that its sober design has been heavily influenced by vintage wristwatch dials. As with our last Sistem51, we've moved the date window from three o’clock to six o’clock in order to enhance the symmetry of the design, and the hand-drawn numerals are inspired by watches from the 1940s. When you flip the watch over and are presented with its dizzying red, white, and blue automatic movement, you can see that this watch is indeed business in the front and party in the back.

The same great Sistem51 movement that powered our last Swatch collaboration can be found in the Sistem51 Blue Edition for fashiontourbillon.com. This means that the watch comes with a more than sufficient 90 hours of power reserve, and that the movement has been precisely assembled and regulated via automated processes. This is as modern of an interpretation of a mechanical watch as you are likely to find, with a design that is the result of close collaboration between fashiontourbillon.com and Swatch.

We couldn’t be happier to partner once more with Swatch on such a fun and affordable timepiece, and right in time for the holidays. While this watch is not a numbered edition, quantities are limited. You won't want to wait on this one - once it's gone, it's gone.
Swatch launched its first plastic, quartz-powered watch in 1983, changing the course of Swiss watchmaking history. The brand would go on to become one of the most important forces in the industry and the namesake brand of the Swatch Group, which also owns traditional brands such as Omega, Tissot, and Hamilton. Swatch’s unabashedly bold take on what a wristwatch can be has made it synonymous with “Swiss watch” for many people, and propelled watches into the pop culture conversation for more than three decades. With the introduction of the Sistem51 mechanical watch in 2013, Swatch proved that it’s as relevant a player today as ever.

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