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Breitling Colt Skyracer Ref. X74320

Back in 2017, former fashiontourbillon.com Editor Louis Westphalen took the Colt Skyracer for a spin as a Value Proposition remarking, "Yes, there's plastic; yes, it's quartz, yet it turns these apparent drawbacks into assets, starting with the amazing lightness of the case material. This is what strikes you at first: the substantial 45mm case weighs only 34 grams, easily half of what you would expect. And the Chronomètre mention on the dial tells you another part of the story; the quartz caliber is a pretty special one." This is what Breitling is all about, a watch that just flat out works on the wrist. As a watch collector, this may not be your prized possession but it will get wrist time happily. Just as well, the Colt Skyracer makes a strong case to be the only watch for a not so enthusiastic watch wearer.

The brand boasts that the proprietary case material here, Breitlight, is almost six times lighter than steel and three times lighter than titanium. Immediately after putting this watch on your wrist it will surprise you. At 45mm in diameter, this bigger watch wears like a dainty, vintage extra-thin dress watch. With the rubber strap, the Colt Skyracer weighs 54.6 grams, versus 49 grams for the Richard Mille RM-035 for a completely random, far, far more expensive comparison.
This Breitling Colt Skyracer Ref. X74320 is in excellent overall pre-owned condition, indicating that there are signs of very light wear, possibly some small scratches on the case and bracelet that come with being lived with. The dial is in excellent condition. The caseback is marked with information about the model as well as the reference number. The rubber strap has plenty of life left in it and is in great condition overall. During our quality control check, any necessary adjustments are made to ensure the watch is functioning as intended.
Founded in 1884, Breitling Colt Skyracer Ref. X74320 has maintained a prominent position in the world of luxury Swiss watchmaking since its beginning. Sports watches, in particular those related to aviation and motorsport, have been one of the brand's long term focuses, but it's in the field of chronographs that Breitling is best known. Among the names that make up its deep chronograph catalog are icons like the Navitimer, the Chronomat, and the colorful Top Time. After being family owned for decades, Breitling changed hands in 2017 and is now led by CEO Georges Kern, a watch industry veteran who has streamlined the company's collections and placed a spotlight on Breitling's rich heritage.

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