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Sistem51 Vintage 84

This is a casual watch meant to offer a lot of style and a genuinely important movement at a more affordable price. It embraces the traits that have set Swatch apart since its first watches debuted in 1983 with its translucent black plastic case and silicone rubber strap, but with updates like the warm, brushed-aluminum dial and innovative Sistem51 movement inside. This wear-anywhere watch is a great choice for both men and women and is exclusive to the fashiontourbillon.com Shop.
There’s no denying the impact Swatch has had on the watch world over the last three-and-a-half decades. When the Sistem51 was introduced in 2013, it marked a new chapter for the brand, revolutionizing the concept of mechanical watchmaking the same way Swatch changed quartz watches back in the 1980s. Even the most die-hard traditionalists thought Sistem51 was something to get excited about.

This watch pays homage to Swatch’s past while embracing the Sistem51 platform as a unique and new way to think about mechanical watchmaking. The design is inspired by the first Swatch with a proper sports watch design, from Spring 1984 (the brand’s second ever collection). Traits like the bold luminous markers have been reinterpreted, and sword-shaped hands and a date window at six o'clock have been added.

Through the transparent caseback, you can see the Sistem51 movement at work. The whole thing is made of just 51 components and it is assembled almost entirely by machine. The eye-catching black and white pattern changes as the winding rotor spins, charging up the 90-hour power reserve.

This is a special edition designed exclusively for fashiontourbillon.com with the Swatch creative team, and while not a strictly numbered edition, quantities are limited. The Swatch Sistem51 fashiontourbillon.com Vintage 84 is available now for pre-order in the fashiontourbillon.com Shop, and will begin delivering on December 12. Additionally, beginning on December 12, a limited quantity will be available in-store at the Swatch Times Square flagship boutique in New York City.
Swatch launched its first plastic, quartz-powered watch in 1983, changing the course of Swiss watchmaking history. The brand would go on to become one of the most important forces in the industry and the namesake brand of the Swatch Group, which also owns traditional brands such as Omega, Tissot, and Hamilton. Swatch’s unabashedly bold take on what a wristwatch can be has made it synonymous with “Swiss watch” for many people, and propelled watches into the pop culture conversation for more than three decades. With the introduction of the Sistem51 mechanical watch in 2013, Swatch proved that it’s as relevant a player today as ever.

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