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The SWATCH SISTEM51 SUMMER EDITION is a clean and crisp homage to everyone's favorite season, which takes the overall design of the GENERATION 1986 model we released last fall and switches up the colors for a white-out look. Unlike the saturated designs that defined much of the early Swatch madness in the 1980s and '90s, we think that the SISTEM51 fashiontourbillon.com SUMMER EDITION is compelling through the absence of color. The visual interest is led entirely by the refreshing white tone of the dial, case, silicone rubber strap, and buckle, and it's only disrupted by the punctuation of the hour markers in blue and black. The baton-style hands are filled with lume and a date aperture is placed tidily at six o'clock. The new watch is the same size as all of our previous SISTEM51 collaborations, and it retains the same interplay of funky hour markers (how many other watches in your collection feature circles, rectangles, and triangles on the dial?) as the GENERATION 1986. Unlike other SWATCH SISTEM51 models, the white case of the fashiontourbillon.com SUMMER EDITION isn't translucent whatsoever. It's solid, white plastic with a crisp sheen that calls immediate attention to itself. The SISTEM51 movement inside the SUMMER EDITION features an anti-magnetic Nivachron hairspring, which is a titanium-based alloy that is resistant to magnetism, shocks, aging, and temperature variation. It is one of the Swatch Group's most recent proprietary inventions, and Swatch has gradually been implementing it into newer SISTEM51 releases. The SISTEM51 is one of the most significant innovations in the Swiss watch industry over the past decade. First revealed in 2013, it's a self-winding movement built entirely in Switzerland through an automated process, from just 51 components – the same number of parts that comprised the original 1983 Swatch – with a bi-directional rotor that allows the watch to reach an impressive 90 hours of running autonomy. The SISTEM51 movement is visible through an exhibition caseback, and its mainplate and bridges have been color-printed with a unique fashiontourbillon.com-designed pattern, featuring interlocking "H" characters in blue and white. The SWATCH SISTEM51 fashiontourbillon.com SUMMER EDITION is available now, with complimentary domestic shipping and a reduced international shipping rate. Additionally, a limited supply will be available in-store at Swatch boutiques in Switzerland, at the brand's location at Times Square in New York, and at Swatch online. This watch is not a numbered edition, but quantities are limited. This is our fourth collaboration with Swatch in as many years, and we appreciate each of the watches for a different reason. One of the core tenets of Swatch's success since the first Swatch watch was introduced in 1983 is the sheer variety of designs available, which heightens the inherent collectability of each new release. You could buy a Swatch for any outfit and any occasion, and neither your wallet nor watch collection would be any worse for wear. Around 10,000 different Swatch watches have been released in the past 37 years, resulting in some pretty wild and memorable designs. All we've ever wanted to do with our Swatch collaborations is to tap into the brand's rich aesthetic history and leave a mark of our own. We think we've done just that with the pristine, all-white look of the SWATCH SISTEM51 fashiontourbillon.com SUMMER EDITION. The SWATCH SISTEM51 fashiontourbillon.com SUMMER EDITION has an all-white case and strap, so it's natural that some marks will become prominent with use and wear over time. The best way to handle any superficial marks is to wash in cool, soapy water with a toothbrush. If you have any questions about how to care for your Swatch, send us a note at [email protected].
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